Whilst driven by our purpose, we’re guided by our core values and mission.

Life for Seated Massage would be difficult and directionless if we didn't have our core values and mission to steer us.

Pic credit: Jeff Sheldon

We like to keep things simple, whilst embracing the beauty, diversity and challenges that life throws up at us. (Oh and we’re quite partial to good coffee). We have no desire to add further complexity to what simply being alive in this world provides.

This is reflected in our Mission Statement and Core Values. They are our reference point for all we do, everything we say and at every touchpoint in our day to day activities. They are an extension of who we are as people, not just how we operate in business.

Our Mission statement:

Promote prosocial behaviours in workplaces, provide meaningful work to good people and benefit social and environmental causes.

Our Core Values:

Do the Right Thing
  • Consider the social and environmental impact of everything we do.
  • Be open, honest and transparent in our communications.
  • Be conscious of how actions and words affect others.
Focus on relationship
  • It starts at home. We believe family matters above all else.
  • We are present with and respectful of every person we have contact with.
  • Leave everyone we touch feeling better about themselves.
Keep it Simple
  • Massage is beautifully simple. Don’t turn it into more than it is or need be.
  • Wellbeing needn’t be boring, complicated or bogged down in rhetoric.
  • Simplicity means greater accessibility, efficiency and less stress.