The biological benefits of regular massage at work

We all intuitively understand if we feel part of something, a group, a team because we feel cared for and offered emotional and psychological engagement, we are far more likely to be productive for longer periods.

Do your people feel like they part of something worthwhile? Pic credit: Ben Duchac

The research

There is now a plethora of scientific and academic research in the public domain, examining and detailing the organic benefits to individuals and businesses of receiving regular massage at work, in turn leading to greater contentment for your workforce.

Deborah Nicola Lane wrote her PhD Thesis at Victoria University on ‘Improving workplace productivity and corporate culture: perceptions and experiences of the effects of workplace massage’.

She concluded ..

The results of this study provides evidence-based support for the implementation and on-going support for workplace massage programs.

Tiffany Field of the University of Miami Touch Research Institute co-wrote a paper published in the International Journal of Neuroscience on how regular 15 minute massage reduces anxiety, enhances alertness and regulates stress levels in individual recipients.

Ms Field’s professional life is dedicated to researching the effects of human touch in numerous environments and by a multitude of applications and her work has dramatically changed professional touch therapies.


As a result, public perception of massage, particularly in the workplace has changed over the last 15 years and it has become a widely accepted wellness solution for business seeking to motivate, inspire, engage and importantly, demonstrate care for their people.